Nashville Landscape Ordinance Update

For the first time in 20 years Nashville’s Landscape Ordinance has been significantly updated to help protect trees in the city and grow a more dense urban canopy.

In addition, the code changes require that landscape plans be submitted by a licensed Landscape Architect. Landscape Architects have special knowledge and training in horticulture and planting design that make them uniquely qualified to develop and submit landscape plans to municipalities. The process to become a licensed Landscape Architect is similar in length and intensity to the training of other licensed professionals and allows them to be sensitive to site specific soil, water, and sun exposure issues that makes them most qualified to develop landscape plans. This change is an important step forward for the profession in Nashville.

This page is a resource for Landscape Architects submitting projects in Nashville.

Important Documents

Presentation on ordinance changes - August 21, 2019

Prototypical Landscape Submittal Drawing

Landscape Submittal Checklist

TDU Worksheet - PDF

TDU Worksheet - Excel

Street Tree Soil Volume Diagram

Important Links

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